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Bountiful Gift Box

$83.00 $80.00

Celebrate this Lunar New Year with a special curation of 9 auspicious desserts designed to wow your guests.

The Bountiful Gift Box consists of a fixed set of:

1) Fortune Pineapple Wang Lai (contains alcohol)
Pina colada lovers rejoice! This pina colada flavoured pineapple is perfect for the festivities. Pineapple confit, vanilla sponge, coconut & rum mousse.

2) Mandarin Orange (contains alcohol)
Mandarin confit, chocolate sponge, chestnut mousse

3) Yuzu Chocolate Tart
Yuzu confit, yuzu & dark chocolate ganache

4) Raspberry Vanilla Choux 福
Choux pastry, vanilla bean cream, raspberry confit, lychee pieces

5) Happy Niu 牛 Year Ox (contains alcohol)
Dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut praline, whiskey ganache, dark chocolate sponge

6) Orh Blanc Tart
Fresh yam (orh nee) paste, candied gingko nuts, baked coconut cream, vanilla chantilly

7) Passion Sesame Tart
Baked sesame cream, passion fruit curd, vanilla chantilly.

8) Mixed Berry Tart
Fresh berries, vanilla bean cream, baked almond cream

9) Blood Orange Tart
Italian blood oranges, coconut chips, baked coconut cream, vanilla bean cream

Available from 29 January 2021
*Any request for separate packing will incur additional charges of $1/ box