Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart


This dark decadent chocolate tart is one for the adults! Buttery, crisp tart crust layered with cognac caramel, roasted hazelnuts and filled with an intense dark chocolate ganache. Not for the faint hearted!

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“This boozy caramel deliciously spikes the smooth, dark chocolate ganache that fills the confection, while the crisp, buttery sable crust lends a salty counterpoint to the intense chocolate flavours” –Extracted from 8 Days

Contains: Eggs, Dairy, Nuts, Wheat, Alcohol

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Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart

Where else can you find a velvety and sweet dark chocolate tart with a layer of cognac-infused caramel and roasted hazelnuts in Singapore? Don’t forget the buttery and crisp crust that makes this dessert a must-try at Pâtisserie CLÈ. Try out this mouth-watering chocolate tart and enjoy a burst of rich flavour.

For those with an Adventurous Palate

Be warned. This dessert is for the adventurous palate only. An eccentric combination of cognac, caramel, and dark chocolate oddly works great together to bring out luxurious and mouth watering flavour. Every bite is heavenly as you indulge into the palatable blend of sweetness from the boozy caramel and dark chocolate ganache filling and a salty tinge from the tart’s crisp crust.

Choose from Pâtisserie CLÉ’s Tart Creations

Our Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart is just one of luscious tarts available for delivery in Singapore. You can choose a selection of equally unique tarts including our Orh Blanc Tart, Passion Sesame Tart, and Bourdaloue Tart. If you prefer a fruity taste, we have our Blueberry Rose Tart, Yoghurt Lime Tart, and Strawberry Tart.

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Order a Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart from Pâtisserie CLÉ

Want to try our Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart? You can order our luscious dark chocolate tart and enjoy every delectable bite. Aside from our tarts, we also offer other pastries including cakes and croissants. We deliver within Singapore for free with a minimum purchase of $100.

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