Tea Party Set


Have a delicious tea time with our Tea Party Set!
Each Tea Party Set consists of:
2 x Lychee Rose Choux
2 x Chocolate Choux
2 x Chocolate Tart
2 x Raspberry Tart
2 x Chocolate Moelleux
2 x Raspberry Macaron
2 x Strawberry Shortcake
2 x Cheesecake
2 x Cranberry Scones
2 x Savoury scones (contains pork)
2 x Ham and Cheese Croissant (contains pork)
2 x Beef Pastrami Sliders
2 x Smoked Salmon Sliders
1 x Earl Grey Tea
1 x Osmanthus Oolong tea
2 x Coffee

This is a fixed set and we are unable to substitute or make changes to any products.
Product is best consumed 2 hours upon delivery