Just like how almost everyone appreciates a cool beverage on a hot day to quench their thirst, it’s hard to come by someone who despises chocolates. Whether you’re someone who has to finish an entire bar once you take a bite or if it’s your dessert of choice on your cheat day, there is no denying that chocolates are a type of food that many find irresistible. But more than a mere sweet treat that tastes good, it contains chemicals that can trigger the brain to produce serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter and hormone responsible for an individual feeling happy. As such, if you ever find yourself in a complicated relationship with chocolates and desserts oozing with this sweet and creamy goodness, we’re here to tell you that you are not alone and that chocolates are not a forbidden food that should be avoided even when the world feels blue. The range of chocolate desserts like chocolate cakes readily available for you to sink your teeth into is testament enough to the fact that as long as there is chocolate, there will be happiness.

A Worthy Guilty Pleasure

When it comes to chocolates, it is common for individuals to fight the urge to even take a small bite due to the looming misconception that they are unhealthy and bad for one’s health. But the truth of the matter is that constantly fighting the urge to eat specific foods and having a strained relationship with them can be more harmful than treating yourself and your taste buds once in a while. So, why shouldn’t you feel guilty when eating chocolates and desserts made with them? For one, chocolates with high cocoa content are quite nutritious as they contain a decent amount of soluble fibre and are loaded with minerals. Containing high amounts of antioxidants, moderate consumption of chocolates can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of clotting, both of which are crucial in maintaining heart health. The flavanols in dark chocolate also have a positive impact on the brain’s function, improving everything from memory to visual-spatial awareness. Research has also shown that eating chocolate can reduce the levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol. With so many benefits, why hold yourself back when a delicious chocolate dessert is presented to you?

Chocolate Desserts You Can’t Say No To

If you’re looking to revel in rich, chocolatey smells and relive happy memories of youth that its sweet smells provoke without baking chocolate cakes at home, here are a few of the many chocolate cakes and delectable tarts Pâtisserie CLÉ has created to satisfy your cravings.

1. Noisette

A classic chocolate cake made with a dark chocolate sponge and topped with a crunchy milk chocolate and hazelnut layer, the Noisette will unlock your deepest and darkest desires. Filled with a smooth and rich dark chocolate mousse that has been whipped to perfection and 64% dark chocolate ganache, let the creamy viscosity of this chocolate cake take your breath away as it leaves a lingering sensation of smoothness.

2. The Gentleman

Dive straight into chocolatey goodness with The Gentleman chocolate cake that is dipped head to toe in whiskey and dark chocolate. Decadent layers of chocolate sponge, the crunch of cashew nut brittle, and a thick shell of dark chocolate and whiskey ganache make The Gentleman the ultimate dessert for any chocolate lover. If your chocolate cake go-to has always been something that is rich and sinful, this is one flavour you definitely should not sleep on.

3. Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart

Show of hands: Who’s all for desserts that are not for the faint-hearted? If you’ve ever shared a piece of chocolate tart and gotten into a fighting match with your spoons on who will get the biggest delicious-looking chunk, this tart is probably the culprit behind it all. The Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart does all the jousting for you — buttery, crispy, and intense, this chocolate tart is a decadent choice for all the adults out there. The Cognac Caramel Chocolate Tart may be plenty chocolatey on its own but it has to be the spike of cognac caramel that you just can’t say no to.

4. Marble Cake

Yes, milk chocolate does not count as a superfood favourite like dark chocolate does, but we can all agree that the stress struggle can get too real sometimes that any chocolate dessert will suffice in alleviating stress and boosting our moods. More than just a chocolate cake, the Marble Cake is richly made with moist swirls of chocolate and vanilla. Topped off with a milk chocolate and almond glaze, the chocolate-glazed shell can be cut through to unveil a dense brown-with-golden swirl cake. For those keeping scores, that’s two forms of chocolate in every cake!

Find the Best Chocolate Cakes at Pâtisserie CLÉ

Feeling the sudden craving for chocolate desserts? Mix and match the best chocolate cakes and tarts, and more available on our online cake shop in Singapore and we’ll deliver your order straight to your doorstep. Better than a trip to the chocolate factory you say? That’s exactly what Pâtisserie CLÉ aims to be with our range of high-quality desserts. What are you waiting for? Check out everything from dark chocolate cakes and more online made by experienced bakers at our French bakery.

28 August, 2023 — Patisserie CLE