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Freshly Baked Tarts Freshly Baked Tarts

Freshly Baked Tarts

Enjoy freshly baked tarts with a variety of flavours.

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Daisy Daisy


Refreshing mango & passionfruit flavours in a cake

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Croissant Platter Croissant Platter

Croissant Platter

Freshly baked croissants- A perfect sharing platter for parties, meetings, or corporate events.

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Noisette Noisette


Decadent and delicious with a chocolate sponge topped with a crunchy chocolate & hazelnut layer, 64% dark chocolate ganache and a smooth, rich dark chocolate mousse.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Pâtisserie CLÉ
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05:53 21 May 22
Exquisite tarts and pastries. Comes at a rather hefty price tag of course. Worth a try at least. Many friends find the quality and taste worth how much h you have to pay.
Angela W.Angela W.
09:37 16 May 22
Their cakess are delicious! I'm so glad that we have this nice little bakery in our neighborhood. Keep it up !
Felix LiuFelix Liu
03:03 29 Apr 22
My favorite in Singapore so far they worth a visit
Be PresentBe Present
22:14 17 Mar 22
Had the Daisy Cake. Got it as I enjoy the tarts.I feel that the 6 inch cake is a good size for 10 to 12 people, although the website says it would be good for 4 to 5. Why? The cake seems small but it is quite tall so a really small size would do.Interesting flavour with cheese and mango.I felt it was too sweet for my liking. I prefer the sweetness level of the orh blac tart or cognac chocolate tart.Verdict: Go for their tarts. Their cakes aren't their signature.
Andy ChengAndy Cheng
04:24 16 Jan 22
The pastries are very nice! Not overpriced too! They have interesting flavours that are different from other shops. Will come back again!

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Pâtisserie CLÉ | French Bakery in Singapore

CLÉ – Noun

Definition of CLÉ | [Feminine] | French: – Key

Pâtisserie CLÉ embodies the understanding that the key to French desserts lies in the combination of fresh produce and invigorating flavours that invoke comfort and delight in every individual. Driven by the philosophy to retain the pure goodness of classic French-based pastries, cakes and more, Pâtisserie CLÉ serves one-of-a-kind yet wholesome desserts. Whether you are looking for an online French cake shop in Singapore or a decadent chocolate flavored bites, our pâtisserie follows French baking techniques to create a range of fine desserts.

Classic French Pastries

French pâtisseries are known for creating desserts that double as a work of art. Rich and decadent, yet elegant and sophisticated, French pastries are revered for their crisp and flaky textures that capture the imagination of dessert lovers around the world. Injecting the French influence into every creation in our French bakery in Singapore, Pâtisserie CLÉ offers a wealth of delectable confections that are absolutely swoon-worthy. From the neatly piped concentric circles of frosting on our Lemon Meringue to other flavors and convenient dessert boxes, tasting the sweeter things in life is easy with Pâtisserie CLÉ. Be enthralled by refreshingly light and buttery crusts that are imbued with fruity notes or enjoy the best of French pastries in the form of the iconic buttery and flaky croissants – be mesmerised, one délicieux bite at a time.

Handcrafted French Cakes for All Occasions

Beyond our selection of pastries, Pâtisserie CLÉ creates the best whole cakes that are simply sublime. Accompanied by rich, creamy fillings and flavour combinations to drool over, uncover the best French cakes at Pâtisserie CLÉ. Hosting a party? Get our treats in mini versions with our assorted dessert platters and discover the different flavors and textures of French bakes.

The Pâtisserie CLÉ Difference

Born in Singapore, Pâtisserie CLÉ is a French bakery founded in 2018 by two local pastry chefs who discovered that the key to creating the best French pastry and desserts lies in never compromising on precious ingredients. Staying true to our vision of providing Singaporeans with the opportunity to experience the magnificence of French desserts right in the comforts of their own home, Pâtisserie CLÉ delivers a part of France right to your doorstep.


Freshly Baked & Delivered

Each indulgent piece of French dessert is painstakingly whipped to perfection and baked with excellence while abiding by traditional crafts to deliver unique flavours that cater to the local palates. Made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, Pâtisserie CLÉ takes pride in our decadent French pastries and desserts that are the perfect complement to any hearty celebration or everyday sweet treat. Always having quality and value at the top of our minds, Pâtisserie CLÉ is where everyone in Singapore can truly revel in the traditional classics that leverage age-old techniques but modernised with a twist.

Shop French Pastries Online

Delivering pastry the French way, our French bakery in Singapore brings the most exquisite French cakes and bakes to you without travelling across the globe. Add your favourite French cakes and pastries to our cart and enjoy free pastry delivery across Singapore for orders above $100.

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