Petite Cake Gift Box

The Petite Cake Gift Box is our Chef's selection of 4 delectable desserts, guaranteed to be the start of the party. 

This classic chocolate cake is both decadent and delicious with a dark chocolate sponge topped with a crunchy milk chocolate & hazelnut layer, 64% dark chocolate ganache and a smooth, rich dark chocolate mousse.

All Pistachio 
Our All Pistachio Cake is perfect for Pistachio lovers! Made with pure Italian roasted pistachios, this cake consists of pistachio sponge, pistachio almond crunch, pistachio caramel, pistachio mousse, this cake will definitely impress everyone around.

The Daisy is great for those who love fruity flavours. A perfect pairing of mango, passionfruit and vanilla. 

Strawberry Cheesecake 
The Strawberry Cheesecake is a classic favourite. Made with house made strawberry confit, baked cheesecake and a delicate cheese mousse. Delicious! 

Prices Include GST 

$41.70 SGD