Tasty Cakes for delivery in Singapore

Cakes are undoubtedly one of the most irresistible desserts to ever exist. Whether it’s a Christmas party or a baby shower, cakes play an important role in almost any type of celebration. Of course, cakes are a must-have for specific occasions like a birthday party – an event that would surely feel incomplete without a delectable birthday cake. And let’s be real, who could ever resist a delicious piece of a classic chocolate cake?

Made to boast the most delectable flavours, our indulgent cakes here at Pâtisserie CLÉ are definitely a birthday must-have! You can choose from our selection of delectable cakes that are available on our online cake shop and have them delivered right to your doorsteps.

Get Delectable Cakes Online 

Looking for the perfect dessert to munch on at your dear friend’s birthday party? Unlock your heart’s purest desires and order online from our variety of cakes today. Since 2018, our dedicated team has been creating freshly baked cakes with unrivalled passion.

Freshly Baked with Premium Quality Ingredients

Looking for something special to give as a gift to your loved one? Surprise them with our freshly baked cakes that will surely impress. Indulge in our premium quality birthday cakes that are not only baked to perfection but also utilise only the freshest ingredients. Once you place your order online, our team of expert bakers will bake them fresh to ensure the freshness of your cakes upon delivery.

Want to experience a rich flavoured taste of sweet and delectable cakes? Here, our premium cakes are best enjoyed upon the day of the delivery for an optimal experience. We also recommend that you store the cakes in the refrigerator so you could enjoy their mouth-watering, delicious taste when you’re ready to dig in.

Delicious & Rich Flavours

All of our delicious and most sought-after cakes are baked with fresh ingredients, ensuring that every bite is bursting with rich flavours. Have a taste of our Pink Lady which is filled with vanilla bean bavarois, fresh strawberries, lychees, and raspberries on top of a soft pink sponge.

Order Birthday Cakes Online 

All the solutions to your sweet cravings are here in our one-stop bakery shop in Singapore. Our goal is to ensure the freshness of every cake we bake and fill them with rich flavours to satisfy our clients across Singapore. Choose from our selection of delicious cakes online and place your order as early as 48 hrs in advance. We also offer delivery services so that your birthday cake is sent right to your doorstep regardless of the residential address in Singapore with a flat fee of $15. You can also enjoy free delivery of your delectable desserts with just a minimum order of $120. Beyond our wide selection of decadent cakes, we also offer a range of classic French desserts. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our tartscroissants and party platters. You can also enjoy the bursting flavours our dessert boxes have to offer.

There is no other place to be than with us. Wait no more because we got your sweet cravings covered. Contact us today for more information about ordering cakes online or get in touch via WhatsApp at +65 81273925.

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