Orh Blanc Tart


The Orh Blanc is our take on the popular local Teo Chew Orh Nee dessert. This Orh Nee Tart has a buttery, crisp tart crust baked with coconut cream, layered with fresh yam orh nee, vanilla chantilly and candied gingko nuts. Perfect for those who love traditions but embrace change.

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“What you will find though, is a sable crust holding a layer of airy coconut cream chantilly, sugar-glazed ginkgo nut halves, and topped with a velvety, elegant yam puree that is only very lightly sweetened.”- 
Extracted from 8 Days

Read about the Orh Blanc Tart on Daniel Food Diary!
The Orh Blanc Tart is light on the palate without being too sweet, suitable for older folks who are adventurous enough to try hipster version of the traditional Teochew dessert.- Extracted from Daniel Food Diary

Contains: Eggs, Dairy, Nuts, Wheat

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